Empathy is not weakness

Empathy is not weakness, it is pure strength. I scare myself at times when I realize I immediately feel sorry … More

Declutter your home, declutter your mind.

When you recognize that you don’t need to buy more things to fill your walls, closet, and space, you’ll might … More

Life doesn’t need to look good to be amazing!

  When something happens in your life that has a profound impact, it’s difficult to maintain the perception that has … More

Seeking a new perspective

Seeking a new perspective doesn’t have to change your beliefs, but you can try to understand other people.

Suffering continues if as long as you choose…..

Slow down, you stop suffering when you accept life the way it is not what we want it to be

You don’t need permission to be happy

We seek things without putting too much thought into what we are seeking. If you ask most people want they … More