Declutter your home, declutter your mind.

When you recognize that you don’t need to buy more things to fill your walls, closet, and space, you’ll might feel overwhelmed with the things that you decide to get rid of. This is normal, at least I think it is because I felt like my houses closing in on me. It started with Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 2.16.41 PMthe clothes, realizing that I can’t remember the last time I wore something was a sickening feeling.

Piles of clothes that were going to go filled one room between my daughter and myself. The first step was taking a step. Miracles follow movement was in the back of my mind.

I searched the internet for way to start selling the clothes that I had. I wanted to sell it all to one person who would make an offer to buy all of it, but I was dreaming. I sold a little on the app Next door. I like that app because everyone has a profile for the most part, and also because you virtually have their address too. Make sure you do not let strangers in your house alone.

Decluttering, so much fun to liberate yourself from the things that you move from one house to another and haven’t used in years. I found the websites Well Kept wallet and Christian PF which has a ton of helpful information as well.


Ask yourself if donating everything is best for you, if making some money in return for the things that you bought, or if making the most money is what your goal is in order to give back to the community. Then let the decluttering begin!

I have a feeling next time you are at the store about to make a purchase for something you do not need it will be easier to put your purchases in a healthy perspective. Trust me you’ll picture yourself going through everything again and you’ll tackle you child for bring home the smallest item. Please understand I am kidding about actually tackling you child, but you might consider it.

The point is purchase with purpose. Be a consumer of life, free your attachment to items, use things and not people.



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