Life doesn’t need to look good to be amazing!


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 5.23.23 PMWhen something happens in your life that has a profound impact, it’s difficult to maintain the perception that has become comfortable. I am not even sure if I knew that my perception of the world was in some ways distorted. I knew I had grown every passing year from experiences, new information, various authors, and so on.

What does your life look like if you can describe it in ten words? Do material objects enter that sentence? Do you work to earn more money so you can buy a bigger house, to store more things, a nicer car, or to keep ensuring that your success is recognizable to those around you?

The way I perceive being happy, fulfilled, and successful has an entirely different meaning then I did for a large portion of my life. What changed, everything! I was never one to enjoy shopping, but I would buy things that I wanted from time to time. I believe at minimum 50% of the time I would find it in my house later and realize I didn’t want it as much as I thought when I purchased it in the store. The fact that I used the word find means that I really never thought it through, or what was my motivation to purchase something that I would soon forget about?

I do not have all the answers, I only have what I can assume was the issue. I am also not judging anyone who does buy everything they want. A friend of mine spends a lot of money on things that she uses for long periods of time and said she almost felt guilty after hearing how my perception has changed. My response,I think people should definitely celebrate your successes!

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 3.47.54 PMWe work hard and I do not see anything wrong with buying things that you want, but I want to bring a few things to your attention. I don’t know if it will set in, but it might.

You go to work for a company that pays you for your time. You take home a pay check, but how much does the employer make off of you doing the work that you do? I’m guessing that most businesses make quite a bit off money from each employees hard work, or there would be lay offs.

With your hard earned pay check you pay for living expenses. This includes your home, food, utilities, clothing, entertainment, medical expenses, credit card bills, student loans,  and vacations. The list of living expenses varies, I’m using a hypothetical situation. The income that we spend on clothing is what I will focus on today. So many of us spend more money than we realize on clothing that we do not need. We can wear one shirt, one pair of paints, one pair of shoes, one coat, one of each article at a time.

We see commercials, social media influencers, other people always telling us what is in style, and what isn’t. Your style is your own, but if that is true, why do we buy what people tell us is in-style? Do the brand names make us feel better about who we are, give us the perception that others think we are something that we are not? Why follow trends and then claim to “be yourself.” How are you being an individual if you are dressing exactly the way someone is telling you? Our closest fill with clothes that we stop wearing because they aren’t in style anymore. Who said they weren’t in style and do you ever wonder why they aren’t in style?

Big businesses are calculated in how they get and keep their brand in the market. Not only that, they have you wanting to buy their next products as soon as they come out, and the cycle continues. That is the reason that social media influencers are making a living these days. Famous or well known people are paid to wear things, tag companies, stay at certain hotels, use certain products so that you’ll continue to buy the products that make the company money.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.51.41 AMHave you ever thought of the people in the United states as consumers, working to buy products from companies? There is a much less obscure and much longer way to describe the point I am trying to make. However, I wanted to get theses thoughts down while the topic was fresh in my mind.

The more we consume, the more retailers produce, the more space items that aren’t useful take up space, and the money we waste on these items is not always considered in our equation personally. Not all the time, but I think it is chasing happiness once again. We try to buy happiness and where does it get us? We end up wasting more money then we ever realize, then have to work for more money to buy more stuff. Without doubt we end up at the end of our lives with stuff, and it is all stuff that we can’t take with us.

It makes so much sense when we are purchasing things because in that moment we tell ourselves we need this. We rationalize in various ways, we buy things for our kids that is in style because the other kids wear that brand and who told them it was in style? What if saving money, helping others, and caring more about the environment was in style?

As consumers we can purchase with purpose, help others with intention, and step back and think about who really benefits when we purchase something. I understand completely that if everyone stopped purchasing  wants, people would lose their jobs and we don’t want to hurt others.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.51.01 AM

Things you can do:

  1. Buy from small family owned businesses as much as you can. Research who owns stores that you frequent. It doesn’t hurt to be a little more mindful when it comes to purchasing items that we need, even a little.

2. Recycle

3. Donate directly to shelters, foundations that give the products directly to those in        need.

4. Buy things used, sell your used things.

5. Come up with a few questions to ask yourself when you realize you are telling yourself that you need something.

6. Think of the reasons as to why you’re really buying something. Is it to impress someone, or is it something you know you’ll use for a length of time.

7. Where are items manufactured? Are you buying local or from other countries.

8. Think about others who may be in need. Could you help someone and not buy the item?

9. Are you spending more money on what you put on your body then what you eat?

10. If you’re buying a gift, are you just buying something to have something to give, or are you certain that this recipient will love the gift?

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