Seeking a new perspective

What do we really know, or believe we know? These may be ambiguous questions, but I think they are worth addressing. I did a little experiment, I asked people that question. I really didn’t want answers, I wanted to see how they reacted. Everyone responded the same way and that wasn’t a surprise either. I’m not judging anyone, that’s not my agenda. Several years ago I would have responded the exact same way.

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I noticed that we a lot of individuals have a tendency to immediately try to prove themselves. I use to feel like I had to prove myself, so many reasons why to even list. Thankfully I really stopped caring about the opinions of others and what a relief that is to be free of caring about others opinions.

When I asked people that question, they immediately wanted to tell me topics they knew a lot about. Why? Why would anyone care if I thought they knew a multitude of information or not? What do we really know? Most of the time we state that we know something, but really we believe it to be true.

I might have lost you, but let me explain. I know my couch is gray. I know it is gray because I see it everyday. I know that I do not like the cold, and that my daughter has curly hair. I believe that it is 63 degrees outside, I don’t know b/c I have been outside recently. My phone is telling me it is 63 degrees, so I believe it to be true. I was told to believe one political party was good and the other was bad. My parents likely wish I believed them and would say I know it to be true today, but I don’t agree. I’m not going down a political rabbit hole on this blog either.

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The difference in what you know and what you believe

People waste so much time arguing about things that they think they know, but they are actually things that they believe. They also argue about difference of opinions, and I have an opinion. Why waste time arguing to prove that your opinion is right, their’s is wrong? Does it matter one way or another?

We waste so much time worrying what other people think that our lives revolve around others opinions, not all of us, but its hard not to see with social media. Who are we trying to impress with each post. Does your post give the perception that your life is perfect, that nothing is going wrong, or that everyday is being lived to the fullest? If everyday was being lived entirely for the purpose of being present, we wouldn’t have time for social media.

This is all relatable to being happy. You may or may not be happy, but it is common for people to want everyone to believe that they or happy, and there are also the perpetual victims of life.

Why do you believe what you believe?

Do you ever sit back and question some of your beliefs or the reasons behind why you have those beliefs. We either believe that pollution is a problem and killing the earth, or we don’t. Have you researched this idea? We think pharmaceuticals are the cure all, use them as little as possible, or go the homeopathic natural route. This is huge in my book. I’ll save details for another post.

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We have a multitude of information at our fingertips and we have so many people who don’t seek to understand themselves, their beliefs, the reasons behind their beliefs, or try to understand others perspective. We have all the information we need to at least try and understand others perspective, but people spend waste so much of their time literally arguing on social media under a controversial post, and being hateful towards one another. A famous person can post something great about their relationship and people take so much time commenting that they aren’t going to workout, calling them names and so on.

Spend less time judging and more time seeking information

Spend less time judging, more time seeking information, and question what you believe to be true, not what you know to be true. What you know is also only what you have experienced in one way or another, seeing, feeling, hearing and science is pretty important too. I’m not saying question your religion and stop believing in God. I’m a Christian, and I believe what I read in the bible. That is my own belief, I’m not telling you what to believe. I’m a nonjudgmental Christian with the intention to help others see through world through a wider lens. With one goal, help others, help others help themselves, and for people to truly be kinder to one another.

Look at the ways that we are all similar, not at the ways that they are different. We are all humans, we all have different beliefs, different skin color, different cultures, different religions, but we are all going to have one common thread, we are all human.

As you go through hard times and back to the good times in life, hopefully you learn something in the difficult times. If you understand there is something to be learned, you see the purpose in the struggle, and you’re thankful for it all. You become more compassionate, more understanding, and you see a new perspective. Don’t complain that the world is out to get you, I promise it is not. We all struggle at times, grow through it all.

The BEST documentary of ALL Time and will change your Life!

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.42.39 AMAs promised, click Here to watch the documentary Heal by Director Kelly Noonan. She and the entire cast do an amazing job opening your eyes to your own potential. It is by far the best documentary I have ever and believe will ever see in my life. The entire cast does an amazing job using their purpose in life to help those who have literally lost hope.

Thanks so much, enjoy my blog.

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