Suffering continues if as long as you choose…..

Suffering continues if as long as you choose…..

Is a concept that is sometimes not our first thought or a thought at all in the midst of emotional pain that we are experiencing at any given time. It might be the bills come faster than our paycheck, we lose a loved one, have an illness in the family, go through a divorce, have family issues, are in a bad relationship, have trouble with raising children, or numerous other things. The factor that we typically fail to think about when the night laying in bed fighting off tears or at times when we feel like the smallest task, like going to the grocery store, truly feels like it is impossible with our minds racing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.48.50 PM
Slow down, what is the hurry

It is not that we aren’t trying the best way that we know how. We may pick up a book and put it down after the first chapter and tell ourselves we are going to finish it because we know that a friend gave it to us for a good reason. We sign up for yoga and delay going to a class until next week, or the next week and so on. We make an appointment with a counselor, but fail to show up. Have call the Pastor at church on our to do list and have for months. What happens is we see the book, drive by the yoga studio, go to church, and they are reminders of the things we failed to do. It isn’t that we are lazy, we chose to do something else instead.

Don’t put important things on the back burner and put living this one life you have first

What we are putting on the back burner while we try to save the world and everyone around us is ourselves. We are increasing our own stress and happiness, making ourselves more likely to fall into depression, get sick more often, become anxious, negative self talk, and letting things that are important to us fall apart. At the end of this chapter, we will be the character that buried themselves in a hole unknowingly because our only tool was to put ourselves last. Think of a carpenter, if he shows up to a job with only a hammer in his toolbox and an extreme example, he has the flu. What is he going to be able to do? He is going to be able to only hammer in nails. He can try to put screws in the wall, but it will ultimately fail. Why? Because he doesn’t have the right tools. He also is very sick, that makes him less efficient at even hammering in nails.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 2.35.12 PM.png

Think of your emotional health and how you cope with life in that scenario. Do you have more than one tool to handle the various difficult things that life is going to pile on you? Are you wearing down your own immune system and feel anxious and depressed? How can you help anyone if you are always putting yourself last on every to do list? You can’t. What are the tools that you need, and what can you do for yourself?

Are you ready to change the way you think about your health?

If you haven’t watched the documentary Heal yet by Director Kelly Noonan. This is the best documentary you will ever watch. Share it with everyone you know, love, and care about, share it with everyone. Click¬†Here to watch Heal¬†and be ready to change the way you think about everything.




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