You don’t need permission to be happy

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We seek things without putting too much thought into what we are seeking. If you ask most people want they want most the answer is typically to be happy.

I had dinner with 2 friends tonight and they were talking about their kids going to college. I said that if my daughter decides not to go to college, I am not going to force her. They both looked at me as if I was truly the worst mother in the world. It didn’t phase me, but it did make me think about it enough to write about it.


I feel as though those reactions we get from others can change the way we think, feel, and question beliefs that our ultimately strong feelings or beliefs. I brushed it off, but I did say most of the most successful people I know personally did not go to college and/or did not finish. The point is that we can go along with things that we have been told our whole lives and not question if that is right or wrong for us.

Teaching Blind obedience

We are told go to school, get good grades, don’t do drugs, go to college, get a good job, then you get married, have kids and that is how life works. Is that how life works? If that is how life works then why do we have so many young adults with so much college debt and can’t find jobs, and older adults that graduated from college, got a good job, got married, have kids, and are trying to keep up with the Jones’s? 

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I’ll just continue to make this point: I am sure whoever the Jones’s are, I’m sure that they are a great family, that they worked hard and their life is Instagram perfect. Once again, is their life perfect? Are the Jones’s in debt over their head and they live in a constant state of stress? It’s comparable to seeing someone on the street and thinking I want to be just like them. You don’t know that stranger, he/she could be a serial killer.

Others opinions do not matter if you do not let them matter.
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If you are living in a way that makes YOU happy, do we need to look for approval or permission to be happy? Absolutely not, but people are doing this everyday without even realizing that they are doing it. I see people in this rat race and acting like it’s an award to be the busiest person that everyone knows. I am guilty of being that woman that put a lot of my self worth into the fact that I COULD DO IT ALL. Oh, and yes, all by myself, I didn’t need help. I didn’t even slow down enough to recognize that I was chasing happiness by trying to prove myself to others. I completely bring when I write others. I’m referring to people that our in our lives at any given stage who we tend to care what they think and hope see us as a successful person. Unbeknown to us, they likely already do, they aren’t watching, and what is truly gained if they notice. There’s a 50% chance that they are going to think we are foolishly running in circles or that they might think we are in fact succeeding at life for a nano second and then we don’t cross their minds again.

Change is inevitable.

The world is changing, change is inevitable. I can only assume that social media is the hand in the puppet here. More and more I feel like we live to impress others, or live in a way that we were told is the happiness solution, how life is done properly. I don’t think God intended for us to live in a way that is constantly trying to pull us away from Him. We are here for a reason, and that reason is not to be miserable, depressed, and exhausted hoping to survive another day.

We are virtually asking permission to enjoy life, or not enjoying our life at all because we are living for approval of others. If we call ourselves Christians, ask yourself if you’re living the way God would want us to. He didn’t intend for us to carry these burdens.

I’ll elaborate on this more in another post because I have a lot of strong feelings and a lot of faith in God. What were the last words spoken my Jesus? “It is finished!” John 19:30

It is finished means that He died for us, for our salvation. If you’re chasing happiness, give your troubles to God, and put your faith in His plan! The song, Reckless love of God, brings me to tears. I love the line, He leaves the 99 and comes chasing after me.

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