Acceptance is essential, but action is necessary. Miracles are followed by movement!

Mounthains to climb, TS
Mountains are not walls……keep going.

I was replying to a friend’s text one night and it hit me. My advice to her was to embrace each day and stop making the choice to live the life that is making her miserable. The words I were typing, the advice I was giving to someone else were the words I needed to hear the most. 

Life is virtually an hour glass, each day is a grain of sand that drips onto the pile of days past, some forgotten, some remembered, and some wasted in anger or bitterness. Every single day that we wake up we have a choice how we are going to use that grain of sand. The choice we make will forever remain in the pile of sand that is accumulating and making up our lives. The things that people remember us by, the things people want to forget. Why do we not realize this every important fact so late in life or not at all? 

How do we start living the life that we want to live and how do we maintain balance in our life and turn our dreams into reality? We see that idea everywhere! Emails, billboards, Pinterest, and every other outlet trying to pull us in or sell us something. Turn your dreams into reality sure let me ignore my kids, put earning an income on hold, tell my spouse, or in my case the idea of dating and finding a spouse on hold. “Everybody just be cool, take of everything yourself because Mommy want to turn her dreams into reality,” that is what I think. 

This is my daughter and I a few years ago. I love this picture. Life goes so fast, we need to relish each moment.

Honestly, this is one of many thoughts that I have of many throughout each day, I have to remind myself that this day, everyday is a gift. So if you were hoping “the way” was at the end, sorry to disappoint. My point is that we are all people who have desires in life and we say “someday,” too much. Someday, when is someday, does that fall after Monday or Wednesday? Honestly it doesn’t fall after ANY day because someday will never exist unless you stop putting yourself on the back burner. Remember the sand, one grain at a time and it truly is a huge game of Russian roulette every single day because we don’t know how much sand is above us, yet we still go out and pretend that we have unlimited days.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.51.34 AM

Final thoughts: Today is one grain of sand in your hourglass, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to be mindful and see the good or are you going to focus on the negatives and what isn’t going right? We all have a choice to be happy, to be miserable, to be angry, to be a victim  ( have a lot to say about the victim role), or to be the victor and power of strength in our life. You decide? Who is going to control your day? You?


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